Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We went to the zoo the other day and were lucky to be joined with Shawn, Wayne's brother, and his little ones. This little doll is their youngest, Ellianna. The cousins are all close in age and when they are together, it turns out, they are very loud:) We had a nice little evening of it. Our zoo is small but nice, even if it does make me kinda sad by the end. I mean all those animals, in these entrapped areas. With not nearly enough room to feel...unjailed. But perhaps I am too sentimental about it.

Wayne's Mom was able to join us too and so happy we were that she did as we got our copy of her newly published book! This is the first book she's published and she has been working on it for so long! Truly a labor of love! We're so happy for her that she has finally reached this goal and we wish her so much success with it. The title of it is "What's Done is Done." You can get your own copy here!
Here's the author with her 16th grandchild!

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  1. wow! congrats to wayne's mama! that's pretty darn cool. got a nice review on b & n!