Saturday, September 12, 2009

Changing Pad Chuckles

Why are babies so happy on the changing pad? I remember with each one that that's where they always giggled and cooed and just thought they were the funniest things ever! This one has sound affects that I should try and get on video. It's like an elongated growl, which she tried to make all through dinner the other night. Not sure, but she may have her first little tooth poking through. She slept awful this week and last night finally slept through the night again. But I'm almost certain I felt something poking my finger when I checked. If only she'd stop wriggling so much!


  1. oh ady, you are a HOOT! look at your funny little tongue sticking out :-)

  2. I particularly like Denver's aspirations for her future. I think we all knew she'd be queen someday. She was born for it! Ady is so cute. You two should make little girl babies for everyone - they are so pretty. Can I have one?