Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As I write, the girls are at school for the first day this year. Denver starting 1st grade and Willa starting Pre-K(Pics coming soon but not yet). But before school started, we had a few other firsts too. First of the firsts, the girls went camping. Without us. A fact that did not make them shed one tear. The famous Aunt Tia took them to Jellystone Campground.

They have a very nice camper that they took and the girls felt right at home! It looked like a wonderful place for kids. Waterslides, hayrides, sandy beach, paddleboats, crafts, build a stuffed animal, playgrounds, miniature golf.. the list is endless! They had a blast, never cried once, and I'm sure must have yelled, "Aunt Tia" about 1000 times! They did not have cell phone service so I could only check up with them through a little IMing via FB. I did miss them but knowing they were having such a great time minimized the crazies that can sometimes go with missing your kids. And strange to me is the idea that they now have all these memories that have nothing to with Wayne or me. Happily my niece and nephew were able to join them and also another friend of ours and her son too. I am sad I missed it but between Ady and v-ball, there was just no way I could go.

Also a first for us was a garage sale. Usually I am the one stopping at them. I love a good deal. But this time it was for us to put on. There were so many things of Grandpas still in the basement that the family decided to hold a garage sale. I kept some things that I loved even if the memories from them were much before my time. And I was surprised at how great the urge was to snatch back some things, not wanting to part with the little threads of Grandpa. Surprised at how much it still stung to not have him here. What did not sell was donated to the Blessing Barn. A couple from my parents church that help out people who have nothing. Grandpa would have liked that.

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  1. that IS the weird part, isn't it? them having these memories that have nothing to do with you.... but good ones to be treasured. interesting how your two subject parallel one another: the urge to hold tight and the need to let a little go.