Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On With Life

So (sniff, sniff) we lost on Saturday. It wasn't a good game for us which is always disappointing to end on. The other team was good but not commandingly so. It would have been a fair fight if we had decided to...fight that is.
So on with life. Which at the dinner table tonight, while Willa was whining about eating the rest of her broccoli, while Ady was screeching like an owl, while Denver was mimicking Ady screeching like an owl, I turned to Wayne and said, 'I miss volleyball.' To which he said with a cat-like grin, 'I don't.' And so life is painfully normal again. I guess that's part of why I still coach. It's heck on family time and schedules and you can forget adding any other commitments during the Fall to our schedules but without it, without the magnificent highs and incredibly frustrating lows, I'm afraid life would always just be painfully normal. With nothing to set it apart. With nothing to remind me that I am more than their 'Mommy' and more than his 'Dearest.'
I have no poignant pictures to go along with this somewhat reflective post but I will add my most recent ones of my beauties. Because for 9 months out of the year 'Painfully Normal' is just perfect.

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  1. love this post. so true. we do all need our spaces where we are something other than wife and mother..... that said... it's awfully lovely being a wife and mother.