Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On to the Next Sickness

I am sitting here waiting to hear back from the Dr.

Monday morning in the wee hours of the morning Ady woke and as soon as I entered the bedroom I could hear that her breathing was raspy and not right. I thought, "That sounds like croup." It's a little funny b/c when Willa was an infant I ended up in the ER the Saturday after Thanksgiving with a bad case of croup with her too. So to the Dr. we went on Monday where they told me that 'Yes, that's croup and here's some steroids." I was happy that she got them b/c as they get older they don't give anything to them. This I know since Willa has had it several times. After Willa had the steroids, she got better fast. But Ady still seems a bit raspy to me and of course, tomorrow is Thanksgiving so no one will be open and so to save the effort of another ER visit in the wee hours, I will go again to the Dr. And while I'm there I might as well have them look at Denver's eye, which was puffy and red and wouldn't that be great to have a terrific case of pink eye to share at the Thanksgiving table. So there go my best laid plans.

On the lighter side, we had our monthly Dinner Night. This was a B.Y.O.N.G.(Bring Your Own Nerf Gun) event and the kids had SOO much fun. There were tables turned on the side and many, many nerf gun darts. I wish I had more/better photos to go along with the raucaous memories. I have some video which is filled with a very giggly Denver peeking her head right in front the lens repeatedly.

And here's my Willa-Bear taking a little snuggle break in our laundry basket. Not really sure why, but, well, that's my girl.

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