Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloweeny Fun

We have LOTS of dress-up clothes, especially since a couple months back, Aunt Tia donated her old costumes to the bunch we already had. So Halloween really offered so many choices for the girls. Denver really stuck with her initial desire to be a mouse. But Willa wanted to be something different every time we talked about it. Their school had a mini-parade, so for that she was "Fairy-rina." A combination of a ballerina and a fairy.

Side Note: Dear Manufacturers: I do not want a costume that will make my sweet innocent darling daughters look anything close to sexy, hooker-like, or show way more skin than would be apporpriate at the beach. I want my kids to look like KIDS! OK, I'm ready to move on now.

For trick-or-treating we convinced Willa to be a crayon, our personal favorite. We waited a little too long to get the face paint(turns out 4pm on Halloween is a tought ime to find face paint in any store) so I just used water and eye-shadow and I think it worked for our purposes well enough. Ady was a Ladybug. She was going to be a pea in a pea pod, but my little Fatty was about to bust the seams apart, so we had to use the 12 month outfit instead.

Denver and Willa were good for about 3 streets this year, up 1/2 a street from last year. Even so, their pumpkins were full and both complained their feet were tired and their pumpkins were much too heavy to carry themselves by the time we finished. We met up with some friends for the big event and Denver's little friend, Annika even had a light up dress. I was quite impressed and wonder if it comes in my size:)

So now we must endure the repetative question of, "Mommy, can I have just one more piece of candy??...PLEASEEE!!!!" I have 3 schools of thought. 1. I can dole out small bits here and there, after meals and such and extend the candy supply till Christmas. The downside is I have to listen to the candy question from now until Christmas. or 2. I can let them eat it in unhealthy amounts so that it goes away faster! or 3. I can do #1 and then at night, Mommy and Daddy can help work on the supply for them. Besides, that much candy is really not good for them!


  1. LOL! I like option 3!! And that's pretty much what happens here. Mark and I eat most of it. The kids don't really eat candy. :) Too funny though. Good idea on the eye shadow! I don't know if I would of thought of that.

  2. I vote for #3! Can't wait to have that option for myself. This year we gave out ALL of the candy. Crazy. We never seem to get it right where we have just a bit left for us. The girls look adorable. How chubby is Ady??!! :) Nothing better than a chubby baby.
    miss you guys,