Friday, November 6, 2009

Land of the Germs, Home of the Sick

Ugh. Almost all of us are sick. Remarkably Ady is holding steady and healthy and Wayne too. Although I think Wayne felt left out so when he was hanging our very big ladder in the garage, he fell and is now hobbling around a bit. Nothing serious, but I'm sure tomorrow will be worse. Denver has not had a fever at all today. But Willa's came and went. I did not take them in to the Dr. although the nurse did try to convince me it was the flu. And maybe it was/is. I had tons of body aches for 3 days but no fever. The girls had fairly high fevers but never really complained of body aches. Mine is finishing with a good sized head cold. I am limited with what drugs I can take since I'm still nursing. I am trying to keep my neurosis under control but news reports make it sound like we're all gonna die!

We have finals tomorrow night(5pm @Victor HS). I'm hoping to turn a corner tomorrow and wake up feeling a bit better. So to brighten my day, I'll post a few pics from events I haven't gotten around to mentioning.

Willa had a field trip to Stokoe Farms. It was an insane event with 1100 children at one farm. FYI-even at a big farm, 1100 children is too many. Regardless, the kids all seemed to have fun and the grounds were pretty neat. I like her preschool but it does have a different feel than the one last year. Maybe it's the difference between public/private.


  1. oh, sorry to you hear you are all fluish. saying prayers for quick recoveries! hugs your way....

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!! LOTS of flu going around...yuck!! Josh's school got hit pretty fun
    Awesome pics btw!!