Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pouty Puss

Ady has the cutest pouty face and I finally got it in a picture. Such a doll! She has taken to waking up again in the middle of the night due mostly because she has learned to roll from her back to her tummy. Evidently, the wee hours of the morning make her forget that she knows how to roll back. She is, however, extremely happy to see me every time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We went to the zoo the other day and were lucky to be joined with Shawn, Wayne's brother, and his little ones. This little doll is their youngest, Ellianna. The cousins are all close in age and when they are together, it turns out, they are very loud:) We had a nice little evening of it. Our zoo is small but nice, even if it does make me kinda sad by the end. I mean all those animals, in these entrapped areas. With not nearly enough room to feel...unjailed. But perhaps I am too sentimental about it.

Wayne's Mom was able to join us too and so happy we were that she did as we got our copy of her newly published book! This is the first book she's published and she has been working on it for so long! Truly a labor of love! We're so happy for her that she has finally reached this goal and we wish her so much success with it. The title of it is "What's Done is Done." You can get your own copy here!
Here's the author with her 16th grandchild!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corbett's Glen

Denver's fabulous Kindergarten teacher from last year used to take all the kids on a Friday walk. A couple parents would come in and we would walk around the neighborhood and point out things that were interesting and so on. Over the summer she thought it would be fun to continue this tradition for Friday walks and meet a couple times at local parks and trails. Have I mentioned that she's fabulous? Considering this is her vacation, I think she is just outstanding and I wish our school looped so she could stay with Denver for a second year. Then she would be back to Kindergarten in time for Willa. I'm dreaming, our school does not loop but I hope this next year will be as good or even better for the girls as last.

Anyhow, we met at a small trail in Brighton called Corbett's Glen. What a gem of a place. Perfect for some small persons in need of cooling off. We had a blast, even if the skeeters were on the aggressive side. As were a couple bees that thought Wayne got too close to their nest. Underneath that waterfall there was a little shelf that the brave ones could climb on, so with a little convincing from Daddy, Denver made it.

There was a steep sandy hill that really challenged me since I had Ady in the front carrier. But we prevailed and everyone made it up the small mountain safely. Note to self: when photographing in or around water, be very careful not to bite it. I very nearly dunked my camera in the creek but managed to not get Ady or the camera too wet. We saw crayfish, and Denver even caught a little frog. Possum absolutely loved the place and was a tired, wet, stinky dog when we got home so he earned himself a nice bath.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We'd been meaning to take the kids miniature golfing for a while but life always is busy. But with the Volleyball season looming, we are on a last minute push for fun family time before life gets crazy. So yesterday we dropped Ady off with Grandma and took Denver and Willa on a mini-golfing adventure. Hysterical. Denver being my stubborn child, did not want to hear how to hold the putter correctly and Willa at one point called the putter a bat. Watching the two of them and their version of golfing, which really ended up to be more like a moving guide for the ball on its' way to the hole, Wayne and I laughed and laughed. They each got at least one hole-in-one. It was very fun. And reminded me that fun times like these should not be postponed or only brought out for vacations.

Some holes were trickier than others and this one seemed to get the better of Willa. This is less than half the pictures I took from this hole.

For anyone keeping count Wayne and I tied. I was fairly proud of my game. I am not a patient person and golf seems to challenge my attention span. I made it solidly through our 18 holes. I didn't win but I didn't lose either. Oh, I think Wayne would like me to point out that he was golfing left-handed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have been feeling very unbloggerish lately. Maybe it's the weather. We've had some lovely days. But our summer has been filled with a lot of playing! Playgrounds and walks with Possum at his favorite new place, Ellison Park.
Ady started cereal. Her technique includes shoving her two fingers in her mouth immediately after a spoonful of food is inserted.

AND she is sleeping through the night(woo hoo!). And her latest discovery is her feet.

I would say we are savoring, as much as we can, what will likely be our last baby. And with all our intentional savoring, it still feels like it is flying by.Volleyball starts in less than 2 weeks and I'm excited for it and dreading it all at the same time. I love this sport and I love coaching but it is a crazy commitment when you add 3 small kids to the mix. 'It's only 10 weeks' I tell myself, but it is always longer than that. I'm hoping this year our Varsity has a chance at States, which would be so exciting for the athletes and the coaches. And I am ever optimistic of havng a winning season. I love to win. Unfortunately, since we have such a small school, sometimes I have to give my JV's over to the Varsity before they are really ready or I am really done with them. And so a win can sometimes be elusive. But every year I am hopeful.