Sunday, January 10, 2010

It is cold here in Upstate New York. Similar to last January, the temperatures here are brutal. And the SNOW! We need more snow like a hole in the head. You can see how much we've gotten from the pile that's on the girls' playhouse in our backyard.

Oh Spring, if only you weren't so far away.

To keep us warm we've begun planning this summers' vacation. This year we will again be renting a house, this time in Virginia Beach. The house is huge but since we have about 20 people going, it needs to be. Not that I want to wish time away but I wouldn't mind a little fast forward button just now.

So to occupy our time, we play with the VCR,

read the newspaper,

and spin in circles.

And in general, try to enjoy each others company.

Spring seems a lifetime away. If we are lucky, February will give us snow with some milder temperatures so we can possibly introduce skiing or snowboarding to the girls. Maybe.

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