Friday, January 29, 2010


Here are a few things that have been keeping us a little entertained.  First, Wayne made this awesome cardboard stroller for a gal at our work who was expecting.  Some of us had pitched in to get her a double but I had to order it.  So Wayne built this so we could have something to give her.  Very handy, that husband of mine!

And I was able to join Willa for her snow day at school.  The snow was very wet but the kids didn't seem to care one lick.  God bless her teachers, Lord knows I could not do what they do every day.

Even the cat is finding ways to ease the Winter doldrums.  This is our neighbors cat who actually does get along quite nicely with everyone but Possum.  Dave, the cat on the car, is more of a dog-cat.  He frequently tries to get in our house and will jump into the car if you leave the doors open too long.  But he's good-natured and funny and evidently was missing Sneakers.

And this was this morning.  Wayne was at work when I had to get Denver on the bus.  The bus does not stop at our house so instead of dragging all 3 to the bus stop I try to minimize any possible dangers and try to time it so I'm not out of the house for very long.  Clearly I should have just put Ady in her crib since this is what I got back to after the bus had come.  She was completely zonked, poor thing.  She's been picking up every little sniffle the girls bring home.  But in her it's not a little sniffle, it's full blown disgusting colds. I fully blame the older two for breathing at school and then continuing to breathe here after they get home. This more than anything makes me want Summer here now. 

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