Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in Review

So a little look back into 2008 for our family and try to name our most memorable moments and perhaps something we may have learned from them.

  • Losing Grandpa-Such a sad, sad time for us and I could write an essay about what I learned but I guess, to sum up, I learned that it is incredibly important to advocate for people who cannot do it for themselves. That, along with birth, death is also a very sacred moment. That kids have a capacity to learn everything, including how to grieve and how important it is to teach them healthy ways to do it. That I will likely always miss my Grandfather and look forward to heaven a little bit more now, knowing he's there. I learned mostly that there is never as much time as you think.
  • Expecting Number 3!!-I looked at Wayne the other night and asked, "Are we crazy for going for number 3?" Granted this was after one of those days where I was interrupted 100 times while trying to complete 1 task that should have only taken a half an hour, and every single new toy from Christmas had to be opened and played with and then not put away. Wayne answered, "No, we're not crazy for trying for a third, we're optimistic. We'd be crazy if we went for number 4!" If I am learning anything from a third pregnancy it's that I don't really want to do it again.
  • Our Maine Vacation-Such a fun time for all of us after a very difficult Spring. I learned that having family and friends we can vacation with is a wonderful thing.
  • 2008 Summer Olympics-This is a little cheesy I know, but this was the first Olympics the girls could really understand and they were into them in a way that was unexpected to me. Also, seeing Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor win consecutive Golds was a great volleyball moment. Plus, Michael Phelps was enthralling to watch compete. In a way, it was a great lesson in Pride of Country for our little ones.
  • Nazareth Winning Section V Volleyball Tournament...again.-And what an incredible game it was. There are only a few volleyball moments that stick out in my head as WOW-moments but that game will always be one of them. Winning by only 2 points in a 5 game match was thrilling. A few lessons-Adrenaline does not hurt a fetus, belief and perseverance are very strong allies to have on your side, and that there are some high school students out there who are truly remarkable people, and I am lucky enough to be able to work with many of them.
  • Denver starting Kindergarten and Willa starting Preschool-This has been such a fun part of this year because Denver has exploded with her reading and writing ability. A couple times now I have asked her to take Willa upstairs and read her a story and tuck her in for nap and surprisingly, she does, happily. I can sense her confidence growing weekly and with the way her school teaches writing, she really views herself as competent to write stories. Willa has also really thrived with the experience of going to her own school. If for no other reason than she has an important thing going on in her life, just like Denver.
So that's our list. I'm sure there were other great and memorable moments, I just can't think of them right now with my stayed-up-too-late-last-night brain. I'll be working on my resolutions for 2009 now and maybe post them. Hopefully, that will be enough accountability to help me achieve them.


  1. it truly is good to reflect. this i need to do too. so easy for me to remember the troubles. i think that is why i love the promise of the new year. i am still determining my resolutions.. maybe a look back will help me look forward. thanks for all the sharing you've done though... i am just catching up on everything. can't believe the girls stayed up until midnight! YOUR girls!!! ;-) fun, fun, fun.

  2. God Bless you all, XOXOXO
    Aunt Cheryl