Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Resolutions

I keep trying to set aside time to put more thought into this but so far I haven't had that moment of clarity where peace just transcends my thoughts and I have that zen-like state where I say,"Oh now I know what I want to accomplish." When I asked Denver what her resolution was, she thought for about 8 seconds and said, "To make my bed every morning." And then skipped away, on to the next thing. Maybe my resolutions should be like that. If I can't think in 8 seconds what I really would like to do, maybe it's too complicated. I know that some of these thoughts have been hanging out in my brain for a while now. So here goes...

  • Have a Will made-I'm ashamed we haven't done this yet. It was on the resolution list for 2007 and 2008.
  • Play more with my kids-Ya' know the carefree kind, without thinking about the laundry or dinner or what else I could be doing instead of enjoying their childhood.
  • Dance more(No not in the living room, on the ballroom floor!)(Post baby)
  • Focus less on me and more on others.
  • Maintain a spirit of Thankfulness.
  • Start Volunteering at an old folks home- Ever since Grandpa died I feel an old person void. Not just in me but with the girls too. I liked that they were around him so often that they didn't have to stare in drop jaw fashion when he had denture issues. Not that I could realistically say I miss denture issues, just that there was a comfort level there with the girls and him. It was nice and felt like family should. I always thought that the worst thing for Grandpa would be loneliness. And I'm sure that there are people out there whose day could be brightened by a craft made by little hands and a smile from a little girl in her Sunday Best. I'm not sure when I can fit this in, especially with number 3 8 weeks away. So clearly the logistics need to be worked out still.

Well, maybe I should stop there. I don't want to go too crazy. Hopefully all these things are manageable. And hopefully by typing them out for all of you who read this blog(ya' know all 5 of you) will help me feel a sense of obligation to do as I said I would. Happy New Year.

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  1. oh resolutions are SO HARD..... we need to make a will too. (insert shame face.) SIGH> i'd say denver had it right with keeping it simple, but i can't even manage to make my bed every morning!!!