Friday, January 16, 2009

New Years seems a lifetime ago so I better post something else. So what do you do when it is sub-zero temps outside?? No really, I'm asking because almost all of us(except maybe the cats) have cabin fever. The kids want to make a snowman in the worst way but there has been a wind chill advisory all week so that idea is a no go. Here they were playing with some of Wayne's hats and looked so cute I had to take a picture.

Here our bored puppy is trying to entertain himself with Sneakers the cat, who has sought refuge in the sink. Note his disdainful expression. We still have not been forgiven for bringing Possum home. Possum has cabin fever worse than any of us I think and he wages a daily war on my slippers, while they are on my feet.

This was really hysterical! For Christmas, "Santa" gave Denver these LED "glasses". They don't have lenses, just the frames you see with lights on the sides. She LOVES them and wears them at night to read a book before going to sleep. Last night before we went to bed, we walked in to check on them, and there were her glasses still on with her sound asleep. She looked like a little alien! In truth, she got them from a PTA fundraiser as a prize and I had tucked them away as a stocking stuffer. She thinks they are great though.

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  1. ok. i can't help you out with what to do in the freezing cold. i am miserable. BUT, that picture of denver is SO, SO, SOOOO funny. classic.