Sunday, January 18, 2009

So we continue to try and get ready for the new baby. We decided to move our bedroom downstairs, and the room we were occupying upstairs will then become the baby's new room. Not like I have any hopes that she will sleep there at first, maybe for naps if I'm lucky. But the bedroom downstairs needed some work. Wayne put up a new ceiling and installed a ceiling fan/light. He put lovely crown molding up, which makes me want to put it in the whole house, it looks so nice. And then had to rip out the closet walls, due to mold, and re-insulate them and put new drywall back up. God bless the handy husband!! So here is our finished bedroom, though I could use more decorations on the wall, for now it is fine and actually very peaceful feeling.

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  1. this looks really nice kor! can't wait to see it for reals. ;-) so are you on to the nursery now or the office?