Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby's Room

So here's her room. Once we have a name, it will be in big letters over her crib. I always thought that if I got the chance to do a nursery, everything would be just so. But it turns out with the 3rd. there are a lot of compromises. Mostly having to do with time more than anything.

No baby yet though I had a last minute ultrasound on Friday because I had measured a bit smaller this week than last. They just wanted to double check the amniotic fluid. Everything looked good and they guestimated her weight at 6 lbs. 2 ozs. so maybe another week inside wouldn't be a bad idea. I've had more ultasounds this time around and they have all turned out to be fine but I find that I miss the blissfull ignorance of my first two pregnancies. And truly, this baby is likely just as perfect and healthy as the other two but all this double checking makes for a very paranoid Mom. Nothing will replace the ability to see her little face and hear her cry.

This adorable little guy was a gift to Denver from her good friends Tate and Calvin for her birthday 2 years ago. She still remembers! But she didn't mind me putting it up on the baby's dresser.

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  1. oh darling, darling, the room is lovely (great horse!!! tee-hee) and i was wondering if you had welcomed baby, but figured i would have heard from you... maybe i'll try to call you this afternoon.... another week might not be so bad. i'm not sure i could hold her if she's only 6 lbs ;-) i'm sorry you have been worrying... double checking does seem stressful. prayers your way for everything to be smooth and healthy. love you dear!