Saturday, March 21, 2009


So back a few posts ago I listed the names we had decided against. Adalyn was actually on the list of no-gos because Wayne had originally said he didn't like it. Not wanting to force Wayne into a name he didn't like, I figured that was that and it was out. He preferred Adelle, which I liked but just not as much. We wanted to do something along those lines because my Mothers' middle name is Adeline and Waynes' Mothers' middle name is May. And the sentimentality of naming her after both of those ladies won out over other names. It came as a surprise to both of us I think last Friday when he mentioned that Adalyn had grown on him and now he liked it. We kinda just sat there and he said, "Wait, did we just settle on a name?" And that was that. Now, after only a few days, it doesn't seem like she could have been named anything else.

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  1. guys, she is just perfect. GORGEOUS. i may still have to hold off on visiting.... we now have a GI bug at our house again......