Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone's Asleep

I cannot believe it but right now, Willa and Adalyn are napping. Willa fell asleep during Rudy when I was trying to guess when the naughty words were coming and press the mute button at the appropriate moment. I wasn't entirely successful so there was a bit of, "Don't say that word." So it was better that she fell asleep. I just can't resist that movie. So here I find myself with a moment since Denver is still at school. And look, I'm spending it with you!... And now the moment is over. So I will post a few pics and that will be all I have time for.


  1. Awe! Look at them together! So cute. And that's funny about Rudy. Yeah I can't resist that movie either..Mark and I ask ourselves all the time "Why don't we own that movie?" :)

  2. oh... those moments are SO few and far between! thanks for the pics.