Thursday, March 5, 2009

So I'm trying to rename my blog. This seems to be taking the path of the latest naming challenges by completely stumping me. Certainly I can't keep calling it Waynekoranadenverandwillakelly when there will be one more added on. And then it's just silly to keep it so long. Glitter Bug, its present name, suits me and the girls, who seem to have inherited my insane love of sparkly things.(especially that ultra fine glitter. Ya' know the kind that sticks around for weeks after you've used it because it gets on everything! Man, I love that kind) But it doesn't fit Wayne so good. But who are we kidding, he doesn't post anything. Though he was impressed with my new button photo on the header. Those button boxes of my Moms have that same trance-inducing ability that glitter has for me. Glitter is still my numero uno but I want to do at least one more project with buttons in it. And then there is my deep love and appreciation of chocolate. So we'll see. Suggestions anyone?

I'm really hoping to have this baby today or tomorrow. Since we are so close, I think I'll post the names we decided against.

My favorite: Sawyer-I just loved this name, boy or girl. I, however, was the only one. Willa said she really liked it too but then would say, "Let's name her Toast!" So her support didn't actually amount to too much.

Another fav of mine was Adalyn, which I still really like and would not be disappointed if Wayne changed his mind on it.

Mikah Joelle was another on our short list. Traditionally a boys name, I still really liked it for a girl. But I think we moved away from it because there was recently a little boy named Micah at our church and they would be in the same class and I really prefer my kids to be the only one with their name in a class.

Joelle is in the running I think but a little low on the list. I think we have a middle name now so hopefully, like people say, once we see her we would know about the rest.

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  1. i still say "adelaide" ..... i just want to sing along with frank to her! glitter bug is perfect, as i JUST now posted regarding your glitter fascination... you may be surprised about my confession.

    love you!