Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quiet Times

Last night when we checked on the girls we found Willa snuggled up to this cute seahorse that they both love. It glows and plays nice music when you press on its' tummy and the girls trade who gets to sleep with it every night. It's actually the baby's, a gift from Christmas, but I told them they could borrow it until she was ready for it.

Here is a pic of Denver catching a few snuggles with "Blank" before she heads off to school. We often give her a hard time because I swear her blankie puts her in a kind of trance. She says it's the "power of the Blank" that does it to her. As soon as she takes it out of her mouth, she perks right up. It makes me want to hide the thing but I'm afraid she's old enough now that she would remember and it would traumatize her. Soon, Blank may only be allowed in her bed. Either that or it will soon disintegrate into nothing.

1 comment:

  1. tate told me again today that he was going to marry denver. i think they'll be walking down the aisle with blank and lambie shoved in their mouths ;-) love the pic of willa sleeping.