Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feed Me!

This is Adalyn's first try at spaghetti.  She enjoyed it a great deal, as you can see.

I am up and running on our new iMac and loving it!  Everything is so easy but I have yet to have time to "play."  Hopefully, my new toy will allow some more creativity to be posted here.

The weather here is starting to turn milder.  We still have gads of snow but it is warming well into the 30's and this week into the 40's.  Not a moment too soon.  I can't wait to get my hands dirty in my garden.  For now, I am dreaming of all the plants I want to plant or rearrange.

 The girls found a box of new-to-us toys in the garage and it has occupied them for a good week now.  They still love pretend play and these little people toys were a big hit!  Although, no one can play with soaking wet gloves.

So as the snow starts to melt I say good riddance to Winter.  Please, on your way out, do not feel compelled to dump anymore snow or surprise us with an ice storm.  We've had enough cold already.

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