Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I should be getting ready for bed.  I usually turn into a pumpkin after 9:30, a sad testament to life with 3 small children.  I have hope that when they are older I will once again be able to stay up late(ya' know, past 10pm) and speak meaningfully on any number of topics that do not include diapers, rashes, barf coming from other people, or the words boo-boo, poopy, blankie, or boogies.  A girl can dream, right?

But today, after a long week of a stomach bug for number 2 and some really stressful times with number 3 I am starting to see some light.  Willa has not barfed in over 18 hours.  She has been fever free all day!! She has spent the last 3 days in this chair, note the barf bowl next to her.  She's getting quite good and getting it in too.  Poor thing, it's like someone took her batteries out.  Thankfully, though her appetite did not return, she started to perk up today and did more than sleep and watch cartoons.

Ady, although now coming down with a cold, can say more and more things(oh I know she's just repeating sounds right now) but every time she does I feel like it is an affirmation that she is well and healthy.  Something that is so tempting to take for granted.  Today she spent a good 15 minutes on the sun porch yelling at the dogs outside.  Banging on the glass and 'telling' them things that only she can understand.  I love this stage.

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