Thursday, March 11, 2010


Denver had her first homework project.  She has homework all the time, usually math and spelling but this was the first project.  The people at our local Outback Steakhouse came to the school and gave an informational talk on Australia.  They handed out napkins to all the kids and instructed them to decorate the napkin with things that they learned about Australia.

I really wish they had sent 2 napkins home so that I could do one too.  I would have loved to make my own!  As it was, I fear I 'helped' a little too much.  I traced the outline of the country and had her go over it with marker.  And then I perhaps might have suggested design elements and layout.  By the end I had a strong feeling of guilt because I really felt like I had helped a little too much.  It did not look so much like the brainchild of a 1st grader.  Wayne insisted that it did look like the work of a 1st grader which could be a shot on my map making abilities or seriously high expectations for 1st grade.  Her teacher assures me she did not think I helped too much and since I know Denver did learn a little extra from having me involved, I will absolve myself this time but next time will be more careful to let her do a wee bit more leading.

The kids got to go to the restaurant today.  It's unclear exactly how educational this trip was, what with budgets being so tight.  But I am of a fairly liberal opinion that all experiences have the potential to teach and inform, even if it is a trip to the kitchen of a professional restaurant.  I wasn't able to attend with her but she seems to have enjoyed it a great deal.

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