Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 1st. Birthday for Adalyn

OK, I admit this post is over a week and a half late.  Her birthday was actually March 16th.  The birthday girl had a big party not only to celebrate her birthday but we also had her dedicated at our church.  We fit 40 of our closest friends and family in our house(a feat bigger than it sounds).  Fun fun.  My Mom made scads of lasagna and meatballs and I made a big birthday cake.  Really big.

This is our Pastor, Rev. Wally Fleming.  He's super.  And, also, you can see the gigantic cake.  It was a lovely day.

The girls 'helped' with the fondant.  Each making their own 'cake.'

Happy Birthday Adalyn.


  1. Happy Big Day Adalyn Kelly!!!
    She looks so cute in her little dress and sweater. Adorable. Yummy cake. You did an amazing job with the fondant. Good to see Rev. Wally! Now that you have a working computer do you want some baby pics by email? Amanda