Monday, May 3, 2010

And Then There Were Curls

This picture was taken around Ady's first birthday(March 16th).  I actually love this photo, taken by my Father, who also dressed her that morning.  It makes me laugh since the shirt is actually on backwards but details like that sometimes escape men, in particular my Dad.  Bless his heart he once tried to feed Ady blended artichokes and cold cooked green beans.  I guess he misunderstood what I told him was in the fridge for her to eat.  

But really, I don't know what I would do without my folks, who live less than 5 minutes away and who watch my girls while I work part time.  I'm so grateful that I've been able to keep them with family instead of day care, and my pocket book is very grateful too.  

But I digress.  Here you see, she still has pretty straight hair and just a bit of a wave in the bangs.
And then a couple weeks later, her hair started to gain some volume.  We almost didn't even notice, it happened so gradually.

And then we have now(this was taken tonight after her bath.)  She now has Shirley Temple curls.  In fact, someone actually asked me if I had permed her hair the other day.  (OK, I know that sounds crazy, like 'yes, I do chemically treat my 14 months old hair') but it was an older gentleman and  maybe he doesn't know how all that beauty stuff works.  Regardless, we now have a very curly headed baby.  I guess in my mind, I was expecting her hair to be like her sisters, baby curls until it's time to cut them, and then pin-straight.  But these seem a bit more substantial than baby curls, and I love them.  It suits her enthusiastic personality right now.

Still, if only she was a good sleeper...

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  1. i love that they are sort of a little pompadour right in the front right now! so funny. and, i mean, doesn't everybody perm their kids' hair? :-) wish i could help you on the sleep, but you know my story. big giant ellie, still crawling in every night and me just pretending every night before bed that i am going to not let her anymore. i really lose resolve somewhere around midnight i think !