Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nana and Papa's Playground

My In-Laws live next to an Elementary school.  This is fabulous for the girls since they now know they get to play on that schools' playground.   Nana and Papa live about 40 minutes away so it was a bit of a drive, during which, some silliness occurred from the eldest and youngest factions.

The middle faction was otherwise occupied by her dreams.

We had a great visit actually.  Relaxing and fun for the kids.  Even though 40 minutes isn't long, we don't get to see Mom and Dad as much as we'd like so it was nice to spend some good time with them.

An evening to remember, and all the kids could ask was when we'd get to go back.

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  1. love the pic of you all! and the one of willa sleeping? CLASSIC.