Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congratulations to My Dear Sister-In-Law (well, almost SIL)

This past weekend we celebrated my Almost Sister-In-Law's graduation from St. John Fisher.  Smarty-pants graduated Suma Cum Laude with 3 diamonds next to her name in the bulletin!  lol, seriously, she is an extremely smart woman and I'm super glad to have her in my life and my girl's lives too.  

Someday, her and my brother Kurt will get married.  We joke a lot about their inability to pick a date but I get their personal reasons for not choosing next week.  As long as it happens at some point and I get to keep this wonderful woman in my family forever and ever, I'll be happy.

Back to the Graduation...I would not classify this day as my best photographically speaking, though this shot with Tia and her diploma is nice.  However, there were scads and scads of people there and I ended up shooting blindly, just pointing the camera in the direction of people and hoping it came out somewhat reasonable.  That is how I ended up with a lovely pic like this...

And this...

And while slightly better, still not great were these...

Really, tons of people.  Plus, I had Adalyn with me.   However, the festivities proved to be too much for her and she zonked on my Nephew's shoulder for a while...(btw Michael, I washed your shirt and all the drool marks came out)

Nor did I manage to get pics of the small party we had to celebrate(what was I thinking???!!)  But it was a lovely time to relax and celebrate a supercalafragalisticexpialidocious Woman who has already achieved so much.  Good Luck Christina and Congratulations.

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