Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was the Pre-K's trip to the Seneca Park Zoo.  Willa was soo excited about going, even though for almost all of last week she was sure she was going to the museum.
She was very happy to be paired up with her best bud from class, whose Mom was also able to go and so it felt like a little play-date at the zoo.  We just happened to run into her entire class and teachers as well.  We were able to meander at our own pace and stop for snack when little legs wore out and little tummies started growling.
Our zoo here in Rochester, is very walkable.  Not soo big you can't handle it in one day with only a bit of whining about being tired.

And I was able to bring Adalyn along for her first zoo experience.  She enjoyed the outing and after she was buckled in the car and I had walked around to buckle Willa, Ady had already fallen asleep.  Those animals can really wear you out!

What I love about places like this is the wonder it inspires in kids.  I have mixed feelings about wild animals in captivity but that is for another time and place.  But watching her here, as the sea lion swam so close, only separated by a few mere inches of glass...she was amazed.  We should all be amazed more.  Like when we first walked into Grand Central Station and the architecture put us in awe.  In those moments, I feel small.  In a perfectly arranged universe, and rightly so.  I could tell today that Willa was amazed, and perhaps she felt a little small next to the elephants and Rhinos.  Hopefully she did.  Hopefully she will remember that feeling.

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