Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cute Girls, Cute Costumes

Here's a little preview of the girls in their dance costumes.  Pictures were on Sunday.  There was a lot of estrogen there and I found the experience somewhat overwhelming.  Denver is in 2 dances this year so that meant a costume change.  You may notice that there is only one photo of her.  I kinda pooped out on the whole thing.  I also didn't order any photos which hopefully did not scar my children too badly since all the other kids were getting individual shots and this and that.  They seemed to survive without too much damage.  
It's not that I'm cheap(well, I am kinda).  But I guess what I really don't like is someone else making me feel like I have to spend money.   But I do think that $14 for 1 5 X 7 group photo is a little steep.  So I will have to take some pics at dress rehearsal.  I do the same for the school pictures too.  I get the class photo but my Aunt is a lovely photographer and if I want nice photos, I go to her.  I have no desire to have a large supply of ordinary looking class photos.   No more ranting for today.  Time for bed and a lovely day off tomorrow.


  1. ah, i was already debating that very thing about baseball......

    cute girls, of course :-) i'll have to show cal a pic of his fancy "girlfriend" and see if he knows who it is! ;-)

  2. I love the beautiful costumes. And the girls are what makes the outfits so darling.