Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adalyn Reading a Book

We recently(ok, like today) bought a new camcorder.  Our old one had battery issues and was over 8 years old.  In the world of electronics, I guess that makes it a dinosaur.  One of the very first things I wanted to catch was Adalyn 'reading' to Denver and Willa.  This is a nightly occurrence.   It is hysterical to listen to her babble and inflection as if she really were speaking words.


  1. what a fabulous reading. a funny book, i think :-)

  2. Hi I think this is cool, cute, adorable and so much more.

  3. You jerk. This made me cry. I wasn't prepared for the sweetness!!!
    Adalyn and her sisters together are perfection. You captured the perfect moment. I think Ariam needs sisters don't you think?
    Favorite part is when Ady turns the book upside down like she's just realized she's reading it the wrong way.