Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010-The Three Little Pigs

 Last weekend we carved our pumpkins.  Good thing since this weekend was packed full of Halloweeny fun.

Willa surprised us this year by carving her pumpkin entirely by 
herself(ok, a little help with the cap and the scooping).

The festivities then moved on to Friday where Wayne and I went into Denver's class to help with their harvest party and then hep the kids don their Halloween costumes for a small but fun parade.
This year held indoors due to rain:(

Friday night Willa had a Halloween party at a friends house.  Ady helped crash the event.
Then Sunday the Three Little Pigs had their last ha-rah for the season.  Denver, the brick pig, Willa, the stick pig, and Ady, though hard to tell, was sprinkled with straw, which she did not appreciate.  Easy simple costumes.  Due to crazy schedules, we were not up for the more challenging request for costumes of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a juice box, and a box of raisins.  Maybe next year. 

 We met up with some friends for some yummy pizza and then we were off to trick-or-treat in the SNOW!  Not much more than frozen rain, but still!  It made for a shorter trip than normal with wet shoes and socks and freezing cold baby hands since she wouldn't keep her mittens on.  All the better to help limit the vast amounts of sugar brought in to the house.

This is Wayne's last week of travel, Thank GOD!  Last week was interrupted by my nephew, a new hire training with Wayne, needing an emergency appendectomy in New Jersey.  Sleep was not high on Wayne's list and unfortunately had to share space here with an 18 month old who is having a hard time staying in her own sleeping space.  But Thursday he will come home and be able to put the suitcase away.  Just in time for a little girl's eighth birthday. 

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