Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire Station Visit

Last week Denver's class walked to the nearby Barnard Fire Station for a tour and fire safety talk.  It was lovely to walk the 1/3 of a mile and Wayne and I were both able to go, along with Adalyn, not pictured, who did not nap during the talk unfortunately, but did while touring the trucks, go figure.

I was amazed at what a difference a year makes.  Last year Denver's class could not be still to save their lives.  Quiet was always a stillish feeling but never actually silent.  This year those kids were attentive and still and 'ready to learn' for the whole 20 minute talk.

They asked good questions and showed a lot of respect.  It was very good to see.  I think the walk helped get their energy out so they  were able to focus better.

We are more than halfway done with the traveling husband routine. He has 2 more weeks left and so do I in my volleyball season.  I guess were managing, though without the help from my parents we would be up a creek without a paddle for sure.

I am enjoying my first season at Aquinas and kinda wish I had a little bit longer with them.  There are 13 Seniors on our Varsity squad so I know I will be giving up a lot of my kids next year, ready or not.  Exciting for me is the launch of our Modified program this year.  21 kids!!  Usually I feel like the modified coach and JV coach wrapped into one but here is a chance to build before they get to me.          It isn't a cure-all but it's a start.  Man,  I love this sport.

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