Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Waxing Sentimental

Another season done.  I'm pretty sure we didn't skip September but I don't recollect a lot from it.  Maybe some bad volleyball.  Thank God it got better.

Forgive me as I take a reflective moment to...reflect.  If you're not into sports I guess you can just wait for the next post sure to be filled with adorable Halloweened girls.  I shall take this post to bask in the part of me that loves athletics, competition, and passion.  It has complete control over me still and to be sure it will until at least Thanksgiving.

I found  myself in an unusual mindset Thursday night after our last game.  Happy as a clam that Wayne was home, however briefly, but sad and...homesick?  That's not the right word but it is the right emotion.  Homesick for what I would not have.

I would not have 13 girls showing up day after day, with rare absences, try very hard in their own adolescent way to focus.  Focus on volleyball.  Oh I know I've gone on and on in previous posts about my love for this sport.  If you don't love a sport, you may just not get it.  But certainly you loves something.  You must know how it is to be consumed by that thing.  For 10-12 weeks every Fall, volleyball consumes me.

This group was special.  They worked hard(not so special there, lots of people work hard), for the most part were athletic(again, many athletic people out there. Thank God for good genes), but they liked each other. Some were very good friends but did not make it into a cliquey kind of set, like so many young persons are apt to do.   They joked, lost patience, were disappointed at times, were confused, were excited and proud.  All this they did cohesively.  Altogether a lovely group to have.  And once they got the hang of winning, seemed to be quite good at it.  We finished 8-6.

And it's not that I don't know what I'll do with myself.  My time, like 'extra money' is already spent and committed.  But this is my one thing that has nothing to do with parenting, runny noses, diapers, PTAs, church, glass...  Just me and some kids in a gym with a net and some balls, teaching them how to love a sport.

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