Saturday, October 9, 2010

AQ Pumpkin Carving Party

 Braving adolescents with knives, I hosted my first carving party on Friday.  It was a  little disconcerting to hear that a few had never done this before as I handed them almost all the sharp knives that I own.  And at least one band-aid.  Yikes.
 There was varying degrees of skill involved.  From our Picasso Pumpkin
 to the overachieving haunted house.
 It was a fun relaxed time for me to enjoy the very impressive girls that I've coached this season.  As we finish our last 2 weeks, I find myself wishing I had a bit more time.  They are that enjoyable.  I'm excited to see the players they become within the short years ahead, which is one of my favorite parts of coaching.

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