Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nana and Papa's Playground

My In-Laws live next to an Elementary school.  This is fabulous for the girls since they now know they get to play on that schools' playground.   Nana and Papa live about 40 minutes away so it was a bit of a drive, during which, some silliness occurred from the eldest and youngest factions.

The middle faction was otherwise occupied by her dreams.

We had a great visit actually.  Relaxing and fun for the kids.  Even though 40 minutes isn't long, we don't get to see Mom and Dad as much as we'd like so it was nice to spend some good time with them.

An evening to remember, and all the kids could ask was when we'd get to go back.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was the Pre-K's trip to the Seneca Park Zoo.  Willa was soo excited about going, even though for almost all of last week she was sure she was going to the museum.
She was very happy to be paired up with her best bud from class, whose Mom was also able to go and so it felt like a little play-date at the zoo.  We just happened to run into her entire class and teachers as well.  We were able to meander at our own pace and stop for snack when little legs wore out and little tummies started growling.
Our zoo here in Rochester, is very walkable.  Not soo big you can't handle it in one day with only a bit of whining about being tired.

And I was able to bring Adalyn along for her first zoo experience.  She enjoyed the outing and after she was buckled in the car and I had walked around to buckle Willa, Ady had already fallen asleep.  Those animals can really wear you out!

What I love about places like this is the wonder it inspires in kids.  I have mixed feelings about wild animals in captivity but that is for another time and place.  But watching her here, as the sea lion swam so close, only separated by a few mere inches of glass...she was amazed.  We should all be amazed more.  Like when we first walked into Grand Central Station and the architecture put us in awe.  In those moments, I feel small.  In a perfectly arranged universe, and rightly so.  I could tell today that Willa was amazed, and perhaps she felt a little small next to the elephants and Rhinos.  Hopefully she did.  Hopefully she will remember that feeling.
Finding the dog's water unattended is such a treat!  Adalyn could not resist soaking her graham cracker in it.
And then, since it had food in it...
she just couldn't resist!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goggle Girl

The older girls are enrolled in swim class and doing quite well.  We got them each some goggles but Willa was enjoying some pre-class goggle time.

That girl!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congratulations to My Dear Sister-In-Law (well, almost SIL)

This past weekend we celebrated my Almost Sister-In-Law's graduation from St. John Fisher.  Smarty-pants graduated Suma Cum Laude with 3 diamonds next to her name in the bulletin!  lol, seriously, she is an extremely smart woman and I'm super glad to have her in my life and my girl's lives too.  

Someday, her and my brother Kurt will get married.  We joke a lot about their inability to pick a date but I get their personal reasons for not choosing next week.  As long as it happens at some point and I get to keep this wonderful woman in my family forever and ever, I'll be happy.

Back to the Graduation...I would not classify this day as my best photographically speaking, though this shot with Tia and her diploma is nice.  However, there were scads and scads of people there and I ended up shooting blindly, just pointing the camera in the direction of people and hoping it came out somewhat reasonable.  That is how I ended up with a lovely pic like this...

And this...

And while slightly better, still not great were these...

Really, tons of people.  Plus, I had Adalyn with me.   However, the festivities proved to be too much for her and she zonked on my Nephew's shoulder for a while...(btw Michael, I washed your shirt and all the drool marks came out)

Nor did I manage to get pics of the small party we had to celebrate(what was I thinking???!!)  But it was a lovely time to relax and celebrate a supercalafragalisticexpialidocious Woman who has already achieved so much.  Good Luck Christina and Congratulations.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Artwork on Display

Denver has a little drawing on display up at the Greece Ridge Mall.  All of the Greece school contribute to the show and Denver's teacher can show 80 pieces out of 400 students.  I'd say it's a great compliment to have her work shown.

While we were there, we ran into some friends and the kids had a blast looking at all the artwork and pretending to eat these giant cookies.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cute Girls, Cute Costumes

Here's a little preview of the girls in their dance costumes.  Pictures were on Sunday.  There was a lot of estrogen there and I found the experience somewhat overwhelming.  Denver is in 2 dances this year so that meant a costume change.  You may notice that there is only one photo of her.  I kinda pooped out on the whole thing.  I also didn't order any photos which hopefully did not scar my children too badly since all the other kids were getting individual shots and this and that.  They seemed to survive without too much damage.  
It's not that I'm cheap(well, I am kinda).  But I guess what I really don't like is someone else making me feel like I have to spend money.   But I do think that $14 for 1 5 X 7 group photo is a little steep.  So I will have to take some pics at dress rehearsal.  I do the same for the school pictures too.  I get the class photo but my Aunt is a lovely photographer and if I want nice photos, I go to her.  I have no desire to have a large supply of ordinary looking class photos.   No more ranting for today.  Time for bed and a lovely day off tomorrow.

Monday, May 3, 2010

And Then There Were Curls

This picture was taken around Ady's first birthday(March 16th).  I actually love this photo, taken by my Father, who also dressed her that morning.  It makes me laugh since the shirt is actually on backwards but details like that sometimes escape men, in particular my Dad.  Bless his heart he once tried to feed Ady blended artichokes and cold cooked green beans.  I guess he misunderstood what I told him was in the fridge for her to eat.  

But really, I don't know what I would do without my folks, who live less than 5 minutes away and who watch my girls while I work part time.  I'm so grateful that I've been able to keep them with family instead of day care, and my pocket book is very grateful too.  

But I digress.  Here you see, she still has pretty straight hair and just a bit of a wave in the bangs.
And then a couple weeks later, her hair started to gain some volume.  We almost didn't even notice, it happened so gradually.

And then we have now(this was taken tonight after her bath.)  She now has Shirley Temple curls.  In fact, someone actually asked me if I had permed her hair the other day.  (OK, I know that sounds crazy, like 'yes, I do chemically treat my 14 months old hair') but it was an older gentleman and  maybe he doesn't know how all that beauty stuff works.  Regardless, we now have a very curly headed baby.  I guess in my mind, I was expecting her hair to be like her sisters, baby curls until it's time to cut them, and then pin-straight.  But these seem a bit more substantial than baby curls, and I love them.  It suits her enthusiastic personality right now.

Still, if only she was a good sleeper...