Friday, April 3, 2009

Willa Turns 4!

Yesterday my little Willa Bear turned 4. I've never seen a kid more excited about a birthday! And it wasn't the presents, it was just the fun fact of being just a little bit bigger. She spent the whole day naming things she could do now that she was 4. Like reaching higher books on the bookshelf, eating all her supper(yeah right!), and all sorts of digressions from there. Talking with her is sometimes like talking with Dory from Finding Nemo. Add in her recent lack of volume control and it's a fun mix! You never have to wonder what's on her mind since she's usually telling you a play-by-play of her day. She's fun!
Unfortunately, all 3 girls have colds, yes, even the baby. I've never had a newborn catch a cold before but it's pretty pathetic. She's pretty cranky(when awake, which is not all that often) and very snargly. The last few days have been a little rough around the edges. We've all had to be ready to go before 9am and each day got less and less successful at it. I am blaming it on the no-sleep factor. Adalyn has been up at least every 3 hours this week and then takes a long time to settle back down. Last night she settled easier but was up quite a lot. Today, or at least this morning, I am basking in the fact that I don't have to have anyone ready to go except Denver. Plus, Wayne is off today so there is another set of hands. There is a reason they don't stay so small forever, I'd go bonkers! But I will still try to enjoy every moment, however sleepless it may be.
Here, looking terrified, Adalyn got her first bath with help from big sister Willa. She cried the entire time but smelled great afterwards! After her Dr. visit yesterday, she is a hefty 7 lbs. 5 oz. Over a pound in a week!


  1. Awe...everyone has colds!! That's terrible!! I hope everyone feels better soon! And I hope you get some more sleep...

  2. they never do really love that first bath do they? :-)

    oh... happy being four to willa! she is such a sweetie pie... even with no volume control. cal is loud too, so as he has continued to inform me that he is going to marry her... they'll be perfect!

    denver and tate sucking on their respective blanket-loves and cal and willa yelling play-by-play of their lives.

    yeah. it's going to be a fun ride :-)