Friday, April 10, 2009

An Easter Bunny Failure

So every year for...a lot of years now, I send a little box of Jet-Puffed Bunny Marshmallows to my good friend Amanda for Easter. This tradition originated when she and her hubby moved away from the area and could not find them at the stores near them. Every year, we scour the store shelves trying to find these perfect Easter treats. And every year it is somewhat hard to find them, but we always prevail. It saddens me to say that I fear an Easter Bunny failure this year. I've been to so many stores in search of these little delights but cannot seem to find them anywhere. I'm calling on the eyes of all who read this blog(all 5 of you) to also give your grocery store a peek and see if you can spot them. They are packaged in a regular Jet Puffed Marshmallow bag and are pastel colored and shaped like bunnies. I found a pic on someone else's blog for those of you who are a bit more visual. Click Here to see them.

So drop me a line if anyone can find them, I don't want to be an Easter Bunny Failure!


  1. Boy I wish I read your blog this morning...I just got back from my store and I completely didn't even want to go down that aisle. But I will look and if I see them I'll grab em and send em your way!!

  2. Korana! I have to admit I did think of the bunnies and wonder if this year they would make it here. Considering you just added a new baby to the house! I actually SAW THEM here in Denver a few weeks ago. Can you believe it? After years without in DC. Anyway, please don't worry about it. It was always the thought that counted anyway - I just loved that you thought of me each year like that. Remember the huge box of treats when I was in Thailand? Oh my goodness, those were so popular with everyone I worked with and the kids. Love you! Amanda