Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally Spring

Finally a chance to get outside and play! It's funny to me that in the Spring, 55 degrees can seem so warm, but in the fall, it seems so cold. I even got a chance to do a little gardening, something I love. It will be challenging this year to garden with the help of one very exuberant dog. Already he has caused some damage to say nothing of the poop! In a few weeks we will have our gigantic Norway Maple taken down. I have never liked this tree, though I do have tree guilt for cutting down a perfectly healthy and living thing. Wayne laughs because I left my indoor plant (that I did not like) on the porch all winter so it died and I could then throw it out without guilt. Anyhow, in a few years, after the roots die and we get some sun back there, hopefully it will look like the oasis I have in my mind.
Just happen to have the camera ready when she got one of those twitchy smiles in her sleep. She gave Willa her first big awake smile today so hopefully they'll be more pics like this soon.

I'm so hungry, I could eat a Seahorse!

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  1. looks like what tate used to to do lambie.... nurse on his ears! very funny! thanks again for everything while we were gone. we'll get together next week, how about?