Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday Fun

Well, it feels a little wrong to have so much fun on Good Friday, a time when we should really be reflective of sacrifice. But time is always short so we fit things in when we can.
Wayne and I decided that we are done buying toys. Other parents can attest to this strange fact that toys, especially dolls and stuffed animal, are like Gremlins. Someone feeds them after midnight and the reproduce on their own. We have soo many and while my girls do play with almost all of them, there are still just too many things in this house! So for birthdays, we decided to let the girls pick someplace they want to go. Willa chose to go to Bounce It Out in Pittsford. It has 10 large inflatable bouncy, climby things. They had a complete blast! Happy Birthday Bear!

Then it was on to Easter Eggs! We took a little time to remember Great-Papa, who LOVED, LOVED, LOVED dying Easter Eggs. I think he did as many as the girls last year! Willa's memories seem to be quite fuzzy but Denver still recalls him clearly. She remembered that he really like the Yellow dye and she had to wait for him to get done with it. So she dyed 2 yellow eggs in memory of Great Papa. The fact that they were ONLY yellow shows their restraint, since by the end, almost all of them were a mix of all the colors. Needless to say by the end of the day we had 2 very tired girls, 3 if you count Adalyn, but all she does is sleep still, except at night, unless you're holding her.

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  1. Wow! Those slides look awesome!! I can see where they'd be nice a tired out!! Great Pic of Wayne and the girls!