Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Wish I Had my Camera When...

...We had my Mom over to celebrate her 60th birthday and we decided to venture out with kids past bedtime to have ice cream. The girls ice cream looked like a volcano and by the end of it Willa was covered in "lava"(chocolate sauce). Such a fun time...Happy Birthday Mom!

...Willa was trying to brush her teeth last night and the toothpaste was starting to slide off her brush and she shoved it in her mouth only to have most of it land on her lip. She then tried to say..."is on hy iii" Which really was, "It's on my lip!"

...Willa and I went to Kateland Farms with her pre-school(the camera was on my dining room table where I forgot it). They had 3 miniature horses born within the last 36 hours. These aren't the stubby legged ponies at fairs. These were perfect little replicas of a horse, just tiny. And the babies were even cuter! Willa got to ride a small carriage pulled by 2 of them and feed a bunch of carrots and hay to some very happy horses. The owner even let each of the kids take home one of the hundreds of prize ribbons his family had won over the years.

Here's hoping I can be a little more prepared for the next few Kodak moments.


  1. isn't it always like this??? the ice cream explosion would have been great. i have to say, SOMETIMES THIS is the reason that i wish i just had a little, not-so good camera that i could just shove in my purse or pocket all the time.

  2. I remember when Camryn went to that mini horse farm. It was so much fun. I remember Mrs Kimble wishing me good luck leaving without one of the minis packed in the van. Camryn was attached to this was so adorable. I'm not a real HORSE person, but the minis are just too stinkin cute!