Thursday, April 23, 2009


School is out for the week in our neck of the woods and that means we have more time to fill with fun activities. We've had several play dates with friends and this whole week is Splash Week at the YMCA. They offer free swimming lessons every day to promote water safety. Wayne and I always have mixed feelings about it because doing this EVERY DAY is exhaustive! The kids love it but they are up past their normal bedtime and don't sleep any later than normal so by the end of the week I feel like everyone has horns growing out of their heads! Including Mommy and Daddy. But it's free and the every day exposure really helps them learn.

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  1. oh splash week, why do i hate you so when you are such a bargain and so much fun for the kids??? trying to put off going to family swim time at this very moment!!!! no reason to be there at 9! ;-) really, doing it in the morning doesn't seem to be helping very much... they are still exhausted and we still have evil horns and now cal is saying his ears hurt!!!!! ahhhhhggg!!!!!!