Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art on Display

The Greece schools have a massive amount of art on display up at the mall and Denver was among those who had a piece shown. We went for the first night and toured the many posts.

This quickly broke down into a case of the Sillies. The Sillies caused my children to view the Mall as a sort of playground finding nooks and crannies to hide in. The Sillies are very funny to children but overtired adults tend to have a harder time understanding them. My sleep deprived self could see the photographic opportunity and snapped a few shots but there were A LOT of people there and the evening quickly deteriorated from there ending with much whining about a pretzel. Mommy NEVER changes her mind after the whine sets in so we left somewhat grumpy and pouty, but I am certainly proud that Denver had a piece of her art displayed. She is forever crafting and coloring. I do wonder what they do in art class since she rarely brings things home(Fine with me as my house is already bursting with done, half done, and soon to be started art projects). But I sure hope my tax dollars are paying for more than crayons!


  1. Lovely artwork Denver! Now, I could be wrong here...but my memory is associating you with clowns, Korana. Did you dress as a clown for Halloween one year? If I am wrong you are probably laughing hysterically right now. If I'm right, you are probably still laughing at me.

  2. I need to come over again. I didn't get a smile on Sunday. But I'm sure there will be plenty for Nana.
    Denver told me the story of the tooth. She was so cute.

  3. love her love of making, even if it's clowns :-) (creepy) hers is pretty cute.

    we'll talk soon