Monday, May 4, 2009

Farewell My Big Tree

For 9 years now, I have seriously disliked a large Norway Maple in our back yard. They are so prolific I wonder that they haven't taken over the earth yet, or at the very least, the Northeast. The roots are so shallow and the canopy so dense that I can't grow a thing under it! So as our first act as homeowners, we had it removed. Oddly, this left me feeling quite sad and a little weepy. I hate the fact that I killed an otherwise perfectly healthy tree for my own pleasure. I remember when my Grandmother planted this tree. I have a feeling the weepy part is due mostly to the lack of sleep and the 1 yr. anniversary of Grandpa's passing. So I sat there, really quite forlorn at first. I'd felt as if I'd lost a family member, not a close one but still, it was family. My now naked back yard looking so stark and empty and...sunny. Soon my mourning of my tree dissipated as I considered what this meant. Sun. Full sun and room to plant. Well, that means a small vegetable garden with yummy juicy tomatoes and a better crop from my unruly raspberries(if Possum doesn't eat them first). And maybe some grass, soft on my feet and tickling in between my toes, and less mosquitos! So farewell my big tree, for your sacrifice I hope to enjoy a juicy tomato sandwich every year in your honor.

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  1. oh MY. it does look strange, doesn't it? but SOOOO open. you'll really feel like you have a yard now... unless you take up half of it with an addition ;-) maybe a nice SMALL flowering tree in the corner would be nice :-)

    i'll get you those tomatoes soon... hope they don't die. darn sickness.