Friday, May 1, 2009


It's official, as of yesterday, we are now the proud owners of a cute little house with big history. For those of you new to our life, we currently are living in my Grandfathers' house. We moved in 9 years ago to save up money for our own home. Grandpa was an extremely happy person who was easy to share space with and as he got older, he needed some help in the house. And so we stayed. Through the birth of our first two girls, sometimes feeling like we were shoving cribs and clothes into every nook and cranny of the upstairs of this very cute home. Sadly, he passed away almost a year ago. He was almost 97 yrs. old. I still miss him tons. He was, until the last 6 weeks of his life, fairly independent, though we did give a lot more assistance towards the last 2 years. My family made us a generous offer for the house and we are now the proud owners. It is a little anti-climactic only because we've lived here 9 yrs. now and know all of it's dirty little secrets. So there is no house honeymoon. We've repaired too many leaks for that. But we are looking forward to making it our own. We did have to take down the Spindler's sign. The lamp post had been struck one too many times by Grandpa's failing eyesight before we took the keys away. But here's one last pic with it up.


  1. Congrats! Welcome to the world of debt :) Very exciting...very happy!

  2. Congrats!!!!!