Sunday, May 17, 2009

Darling Dancers

Today we had pictures for the girls dance classes. Their recital is next weekend if anyone finds themselves longing to see a bunch of cute small children in fantastic costumes try to tap out a dance while looking at the stage, each other, the bow that fell out of their classmates hair, the teacher back stage, Mommy...the list goes on. It's sure to be a cute affair. Denver is dancing to "The Sugar Babies" and Willa to "Doodle Bop."

Here I caught Willa in the mirror. Kids are the ultimate narcissists. She spent some time making faces and talking to her "twin."


  1. great pics korana!!!! i am SO torn about what to do about saturday. why do i have so much GUILT all the time :-(

  2. Well, I BROUGHT my camera intending to snap some pictures, but ALAS I failed. That hair change really threw me through a loop! Hopefully on Fri and Sat I can take some of Cam with Denver and Willa...