Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, now that the recital is over and we no longer have to have enough hair to pull up, I did some summer trimming to the girls' hair. Denver never wants to go short but this time I convinced Willa that short was the way to go. This is a great thing considering Willa can get stuff in her hair before I can get through half a cup of coffee in the morning.I think I'll have to take her to a hairdresser to even it out but the cut came out pretty cute, if a bit uneven.

We headed over to my folks house for Memorial Day. It was a farewell to my brother, Keith, who will be moving to South Carolina shortly for work and family. As always, much silliness took place once we were altogether.


  1. ok, wayne is a total goofball ;-) gotta love that guy. and willa's hair is DARLING. i just love it on her. i'm going to try to call you today. you're probably working.