Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

For the 4th, we spent the day in the pool and on the beach.  After we dragged the kids out of the pool, I put them in adorable red, white and blue outfits.  They were exhausted, but consented to try for a photo.  Try they did, Adalyn apparently did not get the memo on the photo and would not sit for it.  I have a few more pics along the same theme.

This was also the end of Willa for the night.  Shortly after this picture was taken we found she had tucked herself into bed for a rest.  I absolutely could not wake her for dinner and only barely got her to open her eyes for the fireworks.  She really slept through most of it.
The house was situated on Back Bay, and lucky us, they set off their own fireworks on the 4th.  So we viewed the spectacle from our back porch, ridiculously close to the launch site.  This spooked the girls a little so we moved inside and all 3 fell asleep on me while the show finished and we 'watched' from behind the glass door.

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