Monday, July 12, 2010

The Jumping Pictures


The boys made up a catching game with a tosser in the pool who tossed 2 balls and you got one point if you caught 1 with 2 hands, 2 points if you caught 1 with 1 hand, and 5 points if you caught both balls.  

This is my favorite picture from our trip!

Crazy as it may sound, I wish I had taken more pictures.  As the week progressed and I got more tired, I kinda pooped out on the picture taking.    Don't get me wrong, there are lots of great shots to come.  But I do wish I had taken pics or video of the 'fun with flotation devices' on the last night.  Nothing could replace a picture of some of the events on that crazy night!  


  1. Love the pics! Maybe it's best no pictures were taken that last night....if they ever got out, our security deposit might be null and void! :-)

  2. love seeing all these K! we are back now too. must call you this week. amy is over tomorrow afternoon. maybe i shall catch you on thursday!