Sunday, July 11, 2010

Virginia Beach Family Vacation

Last week we vacationed in Sunny Virginia Beach.  I am too tired and it's too late to recap every lovely thing.  But I will start by posting a few pics of the major things that amused us.

The Atlantic Ocean.

Here was our first morning and the girls wanted a ride on the golf cart that came with the house.  So we rode over to the beach to put our barely awake toes in the ocean.

We did some body-boarding(soo, so fun!) and played in the never ending sandbox of the beach.

We had quite the setup when we were altogether.  The parents(mine and Tia's) weren't too big on the ocean but enjoyed watching the kids have fun.

Adalyn wasn't too sure about the whole beach/water/waves thing.  She did warm up a little to the idea but seemed to have more fun yelling at the dogs(Possum and doggy-cousin Ripley).

The other big occupier of time was the pool at the house.  Here I think the girls may have grown gills, they were in it so much.  Honestly, instead of packing 2 outfits a day for them, I should have just packed a few total and 10 bathing suits each!  

By the end of the week, Denver was swimming entirely without her swimmy bathing suit and Willa was practicing without it 75% of the time.  They loved it!  The morning we left Willa woke up crying b/c she wanted to go in the pool.  Oh, to have a bigger yard.  After watching them swim so much I would be tempted to put a pool in if only we had the space!

I will post more later about our time.  Right now the sleepy-bug is biting and work awaits me in the morning.

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  1. You're pictures of Virginia Beach look amazing! I can’t wait until we plan a vacation there.