Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out and About..Well, Almost

On Wednesday we decided that we had secluded ourselves long enough and wanted a taste of Virginia Beach, Tourist Style.  It was a great idea in theory.  In actuality, it was HOT, HUMID, and unpleasant.  Even on the boardwalk, there was no breeze.  I find this picture kinda funny since most of us look miserable.  I was trying(unsuccessfully) to get everyone to pose like the statue.  (Truly, it would have been a fun picture).  I have since been informed that we chose the wrong time of day and the evening is the better time to visit the boardwalk.

Oh well.  It's a funny memory in that it was so bad.  Seriously, $10 per car(3 cars total) for parking that lasted a total of 1 hour.  Long enough to take the above miserable picture, walk less than a 1/4 of a mile and turn around, get ice cream and try to salvage the day.

But salvage we did.  We visited the Aquarium.  The girls enjoyed this a great deal.

I think most everyone else was wilted and done with anything that did not involve excellent central air and/or the pool.  But we mustered through(along with everyone else in VA Beach) the almost cool aquarium.  The big highlight was the Stingray tank.

There they got to touch the Stingrays swimming in the pool.  Very Cool.  Adalyn, however, had her own ideas and a nap sounded like just the thing.  Hey, who doesn't want to kick back and take a snooze in an aquarium..

I will say a big Kudos to our group though.  Having so many with us made our workload as parents significantly lighter.  And it would not nearly have been so pleasant a trip without everyone's help.  My brother's awesome kids would take/entertain the two older girls(which they loved) and the adults all pitched in with Adalyn.  Sometimes watching her so Wayne and I could do the Ocean thing, or join the older two girls in the pool or the kayak.  So thanks to everyone in our group for all the help.

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