Monday, November 15, 2010

Cracking Under the Pressure of Thankfulness


 It was an unrealistic goal.  I should have known better than to try and force myself to do it.  Like a child being forced to eat something unpleasant, I dug my heels in and spontaneously found myself 'not in a blogging mood.'  And why not?  All I had set before me was the  challenge of being thankful everyday.  The problem was that by 'making' myself do it, it made me not want to do it.  It made it a chore.  Chores inherently, do not make filled with thankfulness.

Ahh, the human condition.

I still have lots to be thankful for but maybe I won't hold myself to posting about it every day.  Too much pressure.

Saturday our volleyball season ended when we played the #1 ranked Eden in the State quarter-finals.  Ranked #1 in the State, regardless of class.


We've played them before at this same quarter-final match.  5 times in fact.  All with the same outcome.   They weren't perfect, they were just better than us that day.  Our girls played well, maybe at about 85% of their abilities.  We really could have used another 10%.  But they felt good about their accomplishments this season.

We sat for quite some time as a team after it was over.  Tears, of course, but when no one had anything else to say, we all continued to sit.  Not wanting to leave.  Once we left that huddle, it was done.  Goodbyes inevitably follow and one by one they trickle out of the gym, home to be cheered by loving friends and family.  But as we sat, postponing the goodbyes, the feeling of...having been part of something bigger than even the sum of its' parts was tangible.

So now I go to work and come home.  And it feels strange that there's nothing else to my day besides boring old laundry and diapers and dishes.  I know from experience this feeling lasts for a couple weeks and then my time gets filled up with other things.  If it doesn't, bad things happen(like 33 vending machines).  This year I've decided to coach for a travel volleyball team.  So very soon I expect, I will be feeling sufficiently busy.  And I suppose now I have no real excuse for not getting my house chores done.


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  1. You got my three stars today. You are funny, interesting and cool. And by the way thank you for the note you sent on face book. Our friend called Dad last night and they had a long chat from what he told me, I had to work. Not knowing what will happen in the future in this situation is hard. He has acknowledged that he understands he might even go to jail for this. What a struggle. We need to hold them up in prayer.Thanks again, Love you, Mom